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7Apr 2020


Compufast Software continues to provide Support Services to our Workforce Management Software Solutions customers (Including Payroll, Human Resources and Time & Attendance) during this unprecedented COVID-19 Public Health crisis. With customers in a broad range of sectors the company continues to provide technical assistance through it’s Help Desk and On Line support services. In particular the company has taken steps to ensure extra and continued support to customers in the essential services of Health, and Food.

Compufast has put in place a number of procedures to assist all, manage through this crisis ;

1. Staff Briefing, Training and safe Work Practices have been implemented to protect it’s own engineers so that they can continue to provide services to customers. This approach has been implemented through a combination of the Government Public Heath recommendations including combination of Home Working and strict hygiene and social distancing while in Compufast offices.

2. Provision of assistance to all customers with respect to the implementation of COVID-19 wage subsidy scheme. Compufast Help Desk support service continues to help customers in this regard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or even outside these hours if required. The normal support phone numbers and email contacts remain in use to access this service.

3. Helpful information on the COVID-19 subsidy scheme can be gleaned from the following links ;
Guidance on eligibility to temporary COVID-19 subsidy scheme

Guidance on operation of the scheme

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

4. In extreme circumstances where an essential services customer payroll staff are incapacitated, Compufast has put plans in place to make personnel available to run payroll remotely on behalf of customer so that at least basic pay gets processed and paid to staff as it falls due.

Customers should check the Perfast website for updates as new information may emerge, Technical Bulletins may be published or Software Utilities made available to assist customers in their endeavours.

Keep Safe.

18Feb 2020

Feb 2020 Perfast V 4.2 Manager/Employee Self Service Released

Version 4.2 Perfast Self Service Module has been released to customers. Many improved features and added functionality has been included. Version 4 represents another step on the path of Perfast delivering more of its functionality to its users through a Self Service philosophy. This includes from management of Post/Establishment, Recruitment, Sick/Leave, to online paperless payslip production.