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Time & Attendance


A sophisticated time based system, designed to collect and regulate attendance information. Eliminates the time and expenses of manual administering time sheets. It is a vital aid in monitoring employee attendance activities.

Data capture can be achieved through many methods including Biometrics, swipe cards, proximity readers and other devices. Various complex combinations of Work Patterns, Shift Patterns and Rosters are facilitated. The application is very flexible in that many areas can be user defined. The system will allow you to customise fields and look up tables etc. to reflect your particular environment. The most popular modules are: Company Attendance Rules, Supervisor Procedures, Time Sheet, Authorisations, Cost analysis, SFDC, Bonus Calculations, Absence Control, Leave Management, etc. Strict security control is provided with this module.

Perfast’s T&A state of the art software and various methods of attendance data capture including, Biometric scanning devices, web browser, mobile devices, magnetic stripes/bar codes/proximity etc., can help improve efficiencies and cut payroll costs by up to 10% in an organisation. Real time production time data, Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and Access Control further enhance the ability to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs – “Automation from fingerprint to payslip”. The capture of production output data is facilitated by Perfast T&A and can be used together with the efficiency reports to generate bonus payments which are automatically fed through to Payroll and produced
on payslip.

Every organisation has definition of working time rules, i.e., T&A Rules – Rosters, Shifts and Work Patterns. Perfast T&A rules support any type of working conditions.

Web based Supervisor Self Service is designed to allow Supervisors control and action all relevant data relating to their staff, e.g., breach of attendance rules, authorisation of data to payroll, administration of holiday requests etc. Strict security controls restrict the Supervisor to data sets predefined by senior management.

Time Sheet
Hours worked, at different rates of pay can also beinput directly either by the employee themselves (if permitted) or by the supervisor for all employees under their supervision. Daily hours can be coded to Jobs, Cost Centres etc.

Hours worked, generated by T&A processing and subject to the Attendance Rules can be viewed and authorised (or denied) for payment through to Payroll. Reports and “sign off” process are facilitated.

Cost Analysis
Labour cost analysis can be produced by:

  • By job
  • By Machine
  • By location
  • By job category
  • Efficiency reporting is available.

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) facilitates each stage of the manufacturing process being monitored in terms of accurate labour input. Standards can be established and variation from the standard can be rapidly detected and tracked so that efficiencies are maintained.

Bonus Calcs
Production output data is used with the SFDC efficiency data to make calculations for Bonus Payments. Bonuses can be calculated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and authorised directly to the payslip.

Absence Control
Reporting and Graphical representation of absenteeism, lateness, sickness etc. offers powerful control of persistent offenders, unusual trends etc. This information can be fed directly to employees by web services so that they can monitor their own attendance performance. Bradford Factor is supported as a standard methodology for the monitoring of absence control.

Leave Management
Procedures for Leave requests by employees and approval or denial by supervisors are offered. Holiday calendars are available which assist supervisors in holiday planning. These procedures can extend to mobile devices or web based ESS.

EU Directive
European Union working time directive functionality and reporting is supported.

Web Services
The Web Based Services includes Employee Self Service Module and Supervisor operational procedures functionality is of particular advantage to an organisation wishing to make T&A data easily accessible to employees through any web browser that supports server – sided scripts e.g.: view/print balances, calendars, clockings, leave requests, rosters, time slips etc. or similarly, have supervisors carry out their responsibilities and procedures, e.g., view holiday balances, holiday entitlements, days due – taken, time sheets, approve or deny holiday requests etc.). Access is controlled through security and supervisors may be given access to employee details within their reporting structure. Access is controlled through security and a reporting structure hierarchy.

The web based employee self service module can benefit the organisation by improving efficiencies and reducing the volume of enquiries on Production and HR Department. Further functionality is being added to T&A Web Services on an on-going basis and user requirements, modification and requests will be considered to meet specific needs.

SQL Database/Windows Server/MS Office
Perfast Time & Attendance is powered by the latest versions of SQL Server database. Customers can take full advantage of all the software tools available with SQL Server to manipulate their data offering a very open environment. Perfast is also kept right up to date with the latest versions of Windows Client and Server platforms, thus “future proofing” customer investment.

In addition the seamless integration with Microsoft Office products facilitates letter writing from the Perfast database, e.g., letters to all or groups of employees on such matters as Absence infringements, Holidays etc. All Perfast standard reports are available in Excel format which are favoured by accountants e.g.: Attendance reports, Cost Centre analysis reports. In many ways the integration of Perfast Workforce Management products with other tools combines to create a superb orchestra of computer technologies, which work in harmony for the benefit of the user.