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Biometric Solutions

“Tracking attendance, absence, lates and breaks – the process is automated from fingerprint to payslip.”

Compufast Software Ltd. offers a comprehensive rage of the most up to date Biometric Scanners (e.g., fingerprint and facial recognition) and non-biometric devices, (e.g.,fob, bar code, proximity, MiFare, HID) technological solutions which help gain tighter control on Time & Attendance and Access Control security matters. The technology operates as part of the Perfast suite of Workforce Mangement products. A fully automatic process is offered – from fingerprint to payslip.

Web enabled Employee Self Service offers a range of services and allows employees and supervisors carry out various on line functions including, clock in/out, simply from their laptops anywhere in The World and at any time. This benefits a tighter control on Payroll costs.

Biometric Solutions start at a low cost entry level, non networked Bio Mini fingerprint scanner with USB connection. More advanced networked solutions are available at various degrees of sophistication and cost to a level where two fingerprints and a facial scan are required for identification. Waterproof, dustproof, intercom, built in camera options are available. Attendance data can also be captured from the Perfast Smartphone App linked to a WIFI network.

In addition our Biometrical Technology we can help Your Company collect real time production data, Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), which can track production efficiencies, calculate bonus payments based on production output and make payment on payslip.

Find our Biometric Devices rage below:


Biostation T2
  1. Intuitive Touchscreen GUI
  2. Face Detection Technology
  3. Embedded Web Server
  4. Ultra Performance
  5. Versatile Interfaces
  6. Video Phone
  7. RF Card Options


BioEntry W
  1. Fingerprint Recognition Technology
  2. Dust and Water Prectection
  3. Vadal Resistant Structure
  4. Ulta Performance
  5. Power over ethernet
  6. Versatile Interfaces
  7. RF Card Options

  1. Fast and accurate fingerprint identification
  2. Easy network installation – Wireless LAN (optional)
  3. Fast matching time Identify 3,000 templates in a second
  4. Various operation modes – Fingerprint, PIN, PIN + Fingerprint, card
  5. 2.5″ full colour LCD and user-friendly function keys
  6. Powered by Perfast Access Control, Time & Attendance, SFDC, Payroll and Personnel/HR software
  7. Supported on SQL Server database and Windows platform

BioLite Net
  1. Waterproof and weather proof structure for outdoor installation and extra durability Fingerprint, pin or card
  2. Fast and accurate fingerprint identification 1: 2,000 fingerprint identification in 1 second
  3. Easy installation and connectivity, network compatible
  4. Easy-to-use Windows software for Access Control Time & Attendance and SFDC
  5. Integrated on same SQL Database with Payroll and Personnel HR software
  6. Web based Employee and Supervisor Self Service software for employee and supervisor access
  7. Slim and elegant design


Suprema Facestation
  1. Intelligent Face Recognition Technology
  2. Intuitive Touch Screen GUI
  3. Embedded Web Server
  4. Ultra Performance
  5. Versatile Interfaces
  6. Video Phone
  7. Built in card reader

Bioentry Plus
  1. Easy user management through Command card
  2. Highest security with the world best fingerprint algorithm engine (No.1 in FVC)
  3. Support anti-Pass back function
  4. Easy operation and management (in network installations)
  5. User configurable I/O :can be connected to Switch, Tamper alarm, Relay
  6. Flexible interface

  1. TCP/IP & Network interface
  2. Power over Ethernet
  3. Enterprise-level access control capacity
  4. IP65 weatherproof structure
  5. Easier installation & operation
  6. Sleek & aesthetic design

D Station
  1. Fusion Mode- incorporating face and dual-fingerprint recognition technology.
  2. Ultra speed – 1:10,000 matches in 1 second.
  3. Twin Mode – enhanced usability – speedy check-in by simultaneously processing two Independent fingerprint inputs in a single device.
  4. Ultra-wide Touch Screen LCD with Intuitive GUI
  5. IP Access Control with PoE & WiFi
  6. Built-in Camera for Image and Video Interlace
  7. Unique Features and Extra Functions

  1. Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed fingerprint scanning.
  2. Offers low cost entry level solution.
  3. Supports Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 bit)
  4. Captures “clock-in/clock-out” provides roll calls
  5. 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor
  6. Fast matching speed: 1:100,000 within a second
  7. Scratch free sensor surface.