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Perfast Recruitment comprises of 2 component modules namely,

  1. A Hosted module (Cloud based) which is used to publish all Vacancies on the World Wide Web and collects all completed application forms from candidates.
  2. An in house web based module which prepares the vacancies on the customer in house SQL Server database in readiness for publication to the hosted site. The module also collects and stores all candidate application forms downloaded from the hosted site.

Document Uploads and Downloads are a feature of the above 2 modules, e.g. Job Description associated with the Vacancy; Work Permits associated with the application form and any other relevant documentation. It is also possible for the customer to create a selection of varied application form templates with the ability to attach a relevant form to a specific vacancy.

When applications have been collected from the hosted site the Perfast software can create a short list of applicants using an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) algoritm based on requirements and skills matching.

The resulting output of the Perfast automated Selection a short list based on a prioritised scoring. The score can be used  to select a cut off point for creation of the short list and progression to Interview stage.

Letter writing and automated mail merging helps streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of the Recruitment process.

Standardised output from Perfast Recruitment in the form of a PDF document (CV) is of great help in comparing and selecting suitable candidates.


The very least the Perfast “Cloud” based Recruitment module delivers on a standardised format for comparing and selecting candidates.

In addition there are various other beneficial considerations such as, Cost savings on Recruitment Agency fees, time savings for internal staff, automatic short listing capability, favourable company exposure, use of the company’s corporate website to advertise and collect candidates for positions as they arise.

Security is an important consideration and data collected online is held in a secure site (https). Data exchanged between the organisation’s in house database server and the hosted site is passed through an encrypted channel.