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Personnel HR

Perfast is the complete Workforce Management software solution. The Personnel HR module can be implemented in its own right, or integrated with Payroll and Time & Attendance, SFDC modules. PERFAST HR is designed by HR Management professionals to be flexible, easy to use and of practical benefit to the user.
Many functions are user defined. The system will allow you to customise fields and look up tables etc. to reflect your particular environment. Many terms used by the system may be re-defined by the user e.g. Department, Section/Location etc. A comprehensive, integrated, easy-to-use HR management information system that assists in the administration of the different HRM tasks.

Perfast maintains a complete profile of all staff and monitors their progressing and requirements throughout the organisation. Strict security control is provided with this module. It is a vital decision support tool.

Explore Perfast Personnel HR below…

Staff Profiles
This option deals with relatively static employee details, e.g. Personal Details, Contract Details, Education, Skills, Work Experience, Organisational Structure.

Pay & Benefits
This module is used primarily to record current and historic pay details for an employee. Salary Grades, Scales and / or Ranges, Shift Patterns, Conditions of Employment, Salary figures can be drawn automatically from the Salary Grades/Scales and Ranges sub-section.

Absence Control
This section records day-to-day attendance events, such as absenteeism, lates, sick leave, holidays etc. Any type of attendance event can be classified, monitored and reported. Absence/ attendance, statistics reports e.g. lates (e.g., in minutes) for each employee and/or for whole company can be generated. The Attendance functionality is fully automated and integrated with other Perfast Software modules, i.e., Time & Attendance, Payroll and Biometric scanners.

Health & Safety
This module deals with all aspects of the health and welfare of the employee. It also helps create and monitor a safer environment for the workforce which in turn has an efficiency benefit. It includes screens on employee static medical details such as blood group, etc., medical centre visits and any accidents or incidents which occur in the workplace.

A tracking mechanism for all accidents is available with comprehensive reporting capability, including Health and Safety authority requirements. Original documents are maintained in electronic format, through scanning and Document Management. Notification and reminder system will automatically control medical check-ups, vaccinations, eye tests etc.

This module deals with employee’s internal and external training. It includes screens detailing education, skills, training undertaken, course management process, course attendance, results, waiting lists, training needs analysis, course providers, etc. This module will allow you to keep all training documentation in one place including scanned images, through Document Management and make all actions related to training easy accessible – benefits time saving.
The Module can be used in two ways:

  1. Training Course Management and Administration.
  2. Recording Training taken by employees.

This module deals with the performance appraisal process for employees. It includes performance reviews, results, discipline, grievances etc. Facilitates assignment of performance objectives and scoring mechanisms on a broad job category basis or at an individual employee level. A variety of absence analysis tools are available including Bradford Factor, calculations and reporting.

Post Management
The Post Establishment section facilitates the creation of an entire organisation structure of positions / jobs. Organised into a hierarchical structure of Post Groups within which are individual posts/jobs, each with their own attributes, e.g.: job description, status, pay & conditions etc … Posts facilitate multiple occupancy as well as vacancy monitoring. A workflow process can be implemented to initiate a recruitment campaign when a post becomes vacant by an employee leaving. Organisational charting can be produced from the Post Group structure.

Recruitment provides a system for matching prospective employees to positions in the organization and keeps applicants on file who may match jobs within the organization either now or in the future. The education, work experience, skills and special duties database details of employees facilitate a process of matching applicants to suitable positions.

Interview Management functionality is provided including scheduling of interviews, assignment of selection criteria and scoring mechanism for such criteria and finally selection and employment of an applicant. Automated issue and filing of offer letters and contracts of employment are executed through email and word processing. This Integration with Microsoft Office and Document Management offers large benefits and efficiency savings.

Vacancies can be created automatically from the Post / Jobs management sub module. The vacancies created will acquire the attributes of the post including Job Description, skills requirements, conditions of employment etc. Vacancies can also be accessed on Perfast Web Services.

Targets and budgets can be defined for recruitment campaigns, making subsequent
comparisons and analysis against actual events possible.

The Diary Menu has facilities to maintain diary entries for the current user, and other users, where access has been granted. A facility to send messages is also available. Diary allows tracking of events (such as probation terminations, performance reviews, contract terminations and many more events etc.) pertaining to employees assigned by supervisor. It also allows the user to input diary entries and broadcast to other Perfast users, as well as receiving entries from other users. There are many triggers, email and diary alerts, in Perfast to alert management to various events and includes an automated escalation reporting procedure up the management chain. The objective is enabling Perfast as a Management Assistant.

Each Perfast module already has a rich selection of Standard Reports with drill down, filtering and sorting capability. Standard Reports are available in various formats including Browser, Excel, Screen and standard print. User Defined Reports are also available to allow end users design their own reports using the Perfast Column report writer or a common report writer on the open market, e.g., Data Objects. Perfast AppMap is a Perfast accessory that offers assistance to End User Report writing.
It provides a “Windows Explorer” style analysis of the entire Perfast database. The AppMap offers a “search engine” facility that enables a drill down to any location of the Perfast database to locate a table or data item. There is great choice of End User Report Writers on the open market compatible with the SQL Server database which offers an open environment.

Document Management
Any type of digitised document can be stored against an employees record in the Perfast database, e.g., pdf, jpg, tiff, bmp, doc, excel etc.. There is theoretically no limit to the amount of scanned material that can be stored securely in the Perfast database. A filing system exists in the module which allows documents to be stored in a logical predefined structure for easy retrieval at a future date.

The Notifications module comprises a user definable Work Flow and escalation procedure up the management chain highlighting events that need attention at various levels of management. A Work Flow management process is involved whereby management can gain better control of events that need attention in their organisation, e.g., automatic notifications of Absence Infringements up the escalation chain of command depending on the degree. Alerts are automatically triggered for various events e.g., new starter – to payroll, health & safety departments etc. Email is the preferred option used for the execution of a notification.

CSO Reports
The standard quarterly Earnings Hours and Employment Costs (EHECS) and annual National Employment Survey (NES) reports required by the Central Statistics Office are available with Perfast.

Web Services
The Web Based Services includes Employee Self Service Module and Supervisor operational procedures functionality is of particular advantage to an organisation wishing to make T&A data easily accessible to employees through any web browser that supports server – sided scripts e.g.: view/print balances, calendars, clockings, leave requests, rosters, time slips etc. or similarly, have supervisors carry out their responsibilities and procedures, e.g., view holiday balances, holiday entitlements, days due – taken, time sheets, approve or deny holiday requests etc.). Access is controlled through security and supervisors may be given access to employee details within their reporting structure. Access is controlled through security and a reporting structure hierarchy.

The web based employee self service module can benefit the organisation by improving efficiencies and reducing the volume of enquiries on Production and HR Department. Further functionality is being added to T&A Web Services on an on-going basis and user requirements, modification and requests will be considered to meet specific needs.

SQL Database/Windows Server/MS Office
Perfast Time & Attendance is powered by the latest versions of SQL Server database. Customers can take full advantage of all the software tools available with SQL Server to manipulate their data offering a very open environment. Perfast is also kept right up to date with the latest versions of Windows Client and Server platforms, thus “future proofing” customer investment. In addition the seamless integration with Microsoft Office products facilitates letter writing from the Perfast database, e.g., letters to all or groups of employees on such matters as Absence infringements, Holidays etc. All Perfast standard reports are available in Excel format which are favoured by accountants e.g.: Attendance reports,
Cost Centre analysis reports. In many ways the integration of Perfast Workforce Management products with other tools combines to create a superb orchestra of computer technologies, which work in
harmony for the benefit of the user.