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Perfast has a modern, powerful and flexible Payroll management module which has been designed to meet the statutory and management analysis and reporting requirements of modern organisations.

Detailed staff costing analysis is provided. The application is flexible with many areas being user definable. The system will allow you to customise fields and look up tables etc. to reflect your particular environment.

Perfast Payroll shares the same common SQL database with Perfast Personnel and Perfast T&A. Strict security control is provided with this module.

All personal and Payroll Set Up data for employees is entered in this module. Tables (e.g., tax, social insurance) must also be defined. Other information is also deemed necessary such as Pay Details, contract hours, Social Insurance code, default Cost Centre split, method of payment etc. Organisational structure is also defined in this module and field labels can be changed to reflect the particular type of business. A well thought out definition of the organisational structure will lend itself to effective and meaningful reporting later.

Templates, Timesheets, Payroll ID
Perfast Payroll facilitates any number of payrolls which can be weekly, monthly, biweekly etc.. Definition of Tax Year calendars, pay periods are required and Timesheet formats are defined for Timesheet input later in Web Services, Excel or standard input screen. BACS funds transfer is also facilitated and setup. UK and/or IRL statutory compliance is facilitated and selected.

Pay Elements
Any number of different types of Pay Element can be defined e.g., additions, deductions, pension, overtime and many more. Cost Centre structures can be defined for analysis purposes.

Expenses & Benefits (P11D)
P11D reporting functionality is supported and is compliant with Revenue requirements. All types of expenses (Travel & Subsistence) are facilitated including motor vehicle maintenance. Web Services offer a expenses function with authorisation and approvals process for use by all employees.

Payroll Process
The payroll process can accept hours to be paid, at various pay rates, from a variety of sources, e.g., integrated Perfast T&A, Web services Time Sheet input, Excel or data input screen. An authorisation process is in place.

Tax Tables
Tax bands are defined and maintained on an annual basis by Compufast or/and when the taxation authorities make changes. National Insurance ( N.I.), NIC, SSP/SMP, student loans, attachment of earnings are also maintained by Compufast and form part of the software updates made available from time to time to ensure customers are statutorily compliant.

Salary Grades/Scales
A comprehensive module of Grades and Scales management is available with extensive facilities for scale points. A mechanism of salary Spines is also provided with ability to generate Salary grades from salary Spines. Automatic Salary Incrementing is facilitated with ability to maintain review dates. Global assignment of salary grades and global updating of sale points is provided. Salary histories are maintained and salary modelling is available based on “what if” scenarios. Comprehensive reporting is offered around this functionality.

Budgets can be maintained by Financial Year and Payroll year. Analysis of variance between budget and actual can be reported by period.

Nominal Ledger
A user definable interface is available between Perfast Payroll and any Nominal Ledger. The interface operates at the level of account code and cost centre.

This functionality will help you organise all events, “dead lines”, trainings, Revenue obligations and much more. It gives you easy access to various planned actions by various filtering criteria e.g., Company, Dept., Supervisor etc., or for each employee separately.

Multi Company
Multi Payroll, Multi-Company allows you to operate on separated Payroll accounts; they may be integrated and automated with other Perfast modules.

Revenue On-line
Revenue On-Line is supported and all relevant returns to Revenue can be submitted electronically over Internet, e.g., End of Year returns (P60, etc), P45 and other relevant forms with statutory obligations. XML and HTML formats are supported.

Perfast Payroll Software is compliant with United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland legislation and has operated successfully in both jurisdictions for many years.

Web Services
The Web Based Services includes Employee Self Service Module and Supervisor operational procedures functionality is of particular advantage to an organisation wishing to make Payroll data easily accessible to employees through any web browser that supports server – sided scripts (e.g.: view/print Payslips, P60, Timesheets etc.) or similarly, have supervisors carry out their responsibilities and procedures, e.g., approve Timesheets. Access is controlled through security and a reporting structure hierarchy. The web based employee self service module can benefit the organisation by improving
efficiencies and reducing the volume of enquiries on Department, e.g., reprinting of Payslips etc.
Further Payroll related functionality is being added to this module on an on-going basis and user requirements, modification and requests will be considered to meet specific needs.

SQL Database / Windows Server / MS Office
Perfast Payroll is powered by the latest versions of SQL Server database. Customers can take full advantage of all the software tools available with SQL Server to manipulate their data offering a very open environment. Perfast is also kept right up to date with the latest versions of Windows Client and Server platforms, thus “future proofing” customer investment.

In addition the seamless integration with Microsoft Office products facilitates letter writing from the Perfast database, e.g., letters to all or groups of employees on such matters as pay rate changes, tax changes etc. All Perfast standard reports are available in Excel format which are favoured by accountants e.g., Gross to Net reports, Cost Centre analysis reports. In many ways the integration of Perfast Workforce Management products with other tools combines to create a superb orchestra of computer technologies, which work in harmony for the benefit of the user.