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Perfast Online Hosted Services

Customers have a requirement to introduce Workforce Management Services online. Perfast functionality is available to users as a Hosted Service through internet access worldwide.

Security is of major concern in delivering these services and great care has been taken to ensure a secure environment for Perfast Hosted Services. In addition the Hosted Site should be secure, i.e., https.

Good overall system management would suggest that data only remains on the hosted site for minimum period necessary, e.g., current period Payslips, recent Job Vacancies and Applicants, etc. The hosted data can operate as a subset of the overall Perfast Workforce Management database which can held on the client’s in house server.

Pages from the Perfast Hosted Services can be integrated with the client’s corporate website using iFrame integration or a client template may be included on the Hosted Service.
Modules and functionality can be made available on the Perfast Hosted Service as per client’s needs. In addition the Perfast Intranet web services can still be delivered throughout the client organisation using the Perfast Employee Self Service (ESS) using most web browser types, e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.

Perfast Hosted Services, e.g., Recruitment:
Perfast Online services offers the Recruitment module as a hosted service, possibly integrated with clients own corporate website. This service, includes as follows;

  1. Vacancies for client organisation posted online
  2. Online Forms available to applicants for completion and submission
  3. Specific Forms may be tied to the vacancy
  4. Job Descriptions for vacancy posted online or any document
  5. Document Management

Perfast Hosted Service and Desktop Services including Self Service.
The Perfast “Cloud” modules can operate seamlessly with the clients Perfast in-house desktop modules residing on the client’s corporate workforce management database, e.g., HR modules, T&A and Payroll.

The integration of the Online Hosted Service with in house elements of the overall Perfast Workforce Management solution is complete, e.g., when an employee leaves the organisation and is deactivated in Payroll a vacancy record is generated and posted to the Perfast Online Hosted Service. Final payment is made to the Leaver in payroll and the exit processes in HR are executed. Perfast Notifications generates automatic alerts to appropriate stake holders.

Client organisations can benefit from the use of hosted services powered by Perfast Workforce Management solutions across a range of functional areas within the Workforce Management field. Compufast, through its Perfast modules can offer flexible and tailored solutions to its clients needs as Hosted Services, e.g., Recruitment, Online Payslips, Variety of HR related Forms, etc. The benefits to the client in the context of efficiencies and cost savings are significant, e.g., Recruitment costs.