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Compufast Software places a strong emphasis on providing first class customer service and support. From the moment you contact us to enquire about Perfast you will see the difference!

We know how important it is for everything to run smoothly and efficiently for you. Being in the Human Resource area, this is particularly important, as errors are simply not acceptable and mistakes can often be very costly and have a detrimental effect on good employee relations within organisations.

As such, our Customer Services Department is always on hand to assist you each step of the way – from installation and training to customisation and telephone support. We are only a phone call away and our experienced staff will be delighted to assist you

The level and types of support services are under constant review to ensure that they continue to meet the changing needs of our clients and include:

Hot Line Support and Help Desk – manned by professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of Human Resources and the Perfast product range. Our professional back-up service is available to you right through office hours – and beyond.

Apart from the software, one critical area that will determine the success of the Perfast solution involves training. In this respect Compufast Software takes great care to design a training and implementation schedule that meets the specific needs of the individual customer.

The purpose of the initial training is to leave the customer in a position whereby they feel comfortable and competent using the software as well as knowing what is expected of them during the implementation and, afterwards, the day to day running of the system. The following are examples of some of the courses run by Compufast Software:

  • Pre-Implementation Training
    For Management and Key users, this course is designed to introduce users to Perfast and the logic behind it. A result of this understanding is the co-ordination and agreement of the different elements, definitions and tables that will have to be created in order to run the system as required by that organisation. Decisions will have to be reached by the various departments as to report formats, department and job definitions, work patterns, allowable payments, deductions and a range of other important actions required over an agreed time frame in order to successfully implement the application.
  • BasicTraining
    For all regular users, this course is designed to give a thorough understanding of how the software works. It concentrates on the areas necessary to implement and successfully use the software. Its purpose is to give users the competence and confidence to process and produce the results as required.
  • Parallel/Live Training
    For persons responsible for running the payroll, this course is specifically geared to the implementation stages involved with Perfast and is designed to give reassurance to an organisation during the initial ‘live’ runs of the payroll.
  • Advanced Training
    For Key users, this course is designed to give an individual the ability to produce sophisticated personnel, attendance, financial and costing information.
  • Administrator Training
    For system administrators, this course gives these users the ability to administer the entire system with particular emphasis on the operating system involved in their organisation. This course includes system security, transfers to General Ledger, cheque printing, clock status, new work patterns, etc.
  • Basic Report Writer Training
    For Management and Key users, this course trains people how to utilise the Perfast Advanced Report Writer. After this course, users should be in a position to create, design and produce sophisticated reports on screen, paper or file.
  • Train the Trainer
    For Internal Trainers, this course trains the chosen trainers to a level where they are in a position to provide their organisation with the ability to train end users in Basic and Advanced training on the Perfast Personnel, Payroll and Report writer.

As a Human Resource expert you will be among the first to appreciate that every organisation has important differences – differences which can make a vital contribution to their overall profit margins. We offer you a full customisation service which allows you to adapt any Perfast system to suit your exact requirements.

Pre-Implementation Consultancy
A well implemented and supported system leads to greater benefits to the organisation from the outset. Our objective is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times.

Post-Implementation Consultancy
We like to think of all Perfast Users as a family of friends with whom we keep in close contact on a regular basis. As a general rule we find that Perfast customers place great value on our post-implementation consultancy service because it allows them to take full advantage of the wealth of flexible features which provide an invaluable added-dimension to the entire range of Perfast systems.

Product Development
Regular Updates
Our regular updates ensure that the full suite of Perfast products is guaranteed to function in compliance with existing and new legislation.

New Releases
As new and better technologies are introduced the benefits of Perfast are constantly enhanced. We keep you fully up to date on the latest developments as part of our commitment to protect your investment well into the next century.

Our regular newsletter will keep you fully informed about the latest developments, improvements, schedules of new releases, etc. Wealth of up to the minute news items which are of considerable benefit to our customers are included in each issue.