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18Sep 2015

Sept 2015: Compufast Software announces Time & Attendance Slim.

Perfast T&A Slim has just been released by Compufast and is currently being implemented in small businesses with up to 50 employees.

Perfast T&A Slim software, in combination with Biometric Scanners from Suprema, is an ideal Time & Attendance solution for small businesses with its low implementation costs and rich functionality. While supporting complex Rosters and SHift patterns, it is simple to setup and maintain. Browser based Self Service capabilities offer big time savings and efficient operation. Perfast T&A Slim is supported as a Hosted Service but can also be implemented “inhouse” on the Desktop. For more information

18Jul 2015

July 2015: Perfast “Cloud” Hosted Services

“Cloud” Hosted Services for Perfast Performance Appraisal are announced.

A comprehensive Performance Appraisal module upgrade for the Perfast Workforce Management suit of modules is announced. The Perfast Appraisal module can now be deployed either as an Intranet web service or as a Hosted Service in the “Cloud”. Business Objectives set by top tier management can be cascaded down to middle management for deployment to line managers, setting Key Performance Indicators, Competency targets and Training/Development goals. Two way conversations between employee and manager is facilitated. Performance Scoring, Bonus payments, setting future performance criteria and targets are all addressed. Multiple Appraisals running in parallel are supported. This Web service has been implemented for Perfast customers to great benefit.
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18May 2015

May 2015: Perfast “Cloud” Hosted Services

“Cloud” Hosted Services for Perfast Recruitment are announced.

A fully integrated Hosted Services module has been launched for Perfast Recruitment. Vacancies generated by Perfast HR are automatically published on an organisation’s corporate website from where a repository of Application Forms is available with access by potential applicants from the World Wide Web. Specific Forms are linked to vacancies for focused selection and recruitment. The web enabled recruitment process can automate, to a degree, the selection and short listing procedures through an Artificial Inteligence front end. A standardised workflow for recruitment procedures is the end result. This “Cloud” based service has been implemented for Perfast customers to great benefit.

18Jun 2014

June 2014: Pension Auto Enrolment

Enrolment of staff into a workplace pension, when they satisfy certain criteria, became a requirement for larger Employers by April 2014 with a postponement option available for smailler companies. Perfast Payroll supports Pension Auto Enrolment

The Perfast Payroll Pensions module makes the complex task of Enrolment easy to manage. Perfast will ensure you as an employer, meet all your auto enrolment legislative requirements e.g. assessing the workforce, record keeping, opting in & out, reporting etc

The Perfast Pensions module also has an easy to use electronic interface for transmitting employee pension data to and from your pension provider.

18Feb 2014

Feb 2014: New FlexiTime Management Module:

A New Flexitime Management Module is now released as an addon to the existing Perfast Time & Attendance system. Perfast Flexitime is suitable for organisations wishing to offer their staff flexible working time arrangements. A Self Service components places the management of flexible working hours directly in the control of employees and managers. The New Perfast Flexitime has operated successfully in a live pilot public sector site since Sept 2013.
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18Oct 2013

Oct 2013: Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Perfast Payroll is now compliant with new European Regulation 260/2012 – Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). SEPA comes into mandatory effect on 1st Feb 2014 and changes the way in which funds are transferred between banks across 33 countries Euope wide. The existing Sort Code and Account numbers are being replaced with full International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) and Business Identifier Codes (BIC). Perfast supports SEPA in it’s functionality to transfer funds using the new IBAN and BIC formats. For more information email

18Jul 2013

July 2013: Residential Property Tax (RPT) for RoI.

Perfast RPT utility has been been developed by Compufast Software to facilitate management, deduction and payment of Residential Property Tax (RPT) for the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and is available from 1st July 2013. This utility is an addon to the RoI Payroll and straemlines the administration of RPT.
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18Mar 2013

March 2013: HMRC Real Time Interface (RTI)

Perfast RTI of Payroll data to HMRC is now released as production version to customer base. Following rigorous testing the new interface is now in production. All HMRC returns are now automated from Perfast Payroll. The Interface also automatically loads, following a submitted request, new Tax Codes, Student Loans, RTI Notifications and more from HMRC to the Perfast database. For more information Phone 020 8941 7440 or email

18Jul 2012

July 2012: Perfast Version 6.2 Announced.

Perfast Version 6.2 has been anounced and represents significant improvements to processing speeds. Time & Attendance processing speeds have been improved many fold in this release as have Re Processing speeds – following Supervisor adjustments to employees infringement details. This improvement in speed enhances the user experience substantially. Version 6.2 has now been fully beta tested and is ready for full production release.

Various additional improvements and new features have also been implemented in this new version of the Perfast Web Portal – again enhancing the user experience.